Burden of Proof: The Construction of Visual Evidence

This haunting, intriguing and memorable exhibition at The Photographers Gallery provided a forensic and research based presentation of how photography has been used as evidence of crime, from violent street crimes to war crimes.

Burden of Proof 1






The exhibition is presented in a number of sections starting with the 19th century invention of ‘metric’ photography in crime scenes, to the use of digital technologies in drone attacks in Pakistan in 2012.  Less a photography exhibition and more an exploration of the way in which researchers, historians and other experts have used photography as evidence of crimes or violence.  Photography records and validates and so its use has been essential in the service of the law and justice.  This exhibition asks how much does a photograph reveal and conceal and mislead and what part of the clues are presented or constructed.   It is a powerful display of imagery, accompanied by information and research, to examine who makes these images and who presents them and why as well as their capacity to be used as evidence of fact or proof.