Unseen Photo Fair 2015

Unseen is a well-designed, energetic, cool and high quality anti-fair that champions the very best new photography by emerging artists and photographers.   This forth edition was exciting, inspiring and successful and I have been lucky enough to attend every year.

Unseen is truly international bringing together over 500 international artists and their galleries, institutions, academies, artist-led spaces, the public realm and collections.  It is a space where risks are taken, fresh new work can be seen and where the work of established artists can help elevate the work of an emerging artist.    There is no vintage photography and not a lot of large work and so work is affordable and accessible.










This year the Talks Programme was a must with leading international speakers, curators and collectors talking on topics as varied and relevant as ‘The Ins and Outs of Collecting’ to ‘What Is the Relevance of a Photographic Institution.’  The Photo-Book Market was beautiful independently published photo-books from all over the world and the public realm commissions were fun, experimental and topical.

Unseen takes risks, brings people together and is a celebration of creativity in photography.



Jan Hoek, Panorama Carland
Jan Hoek, Panorama Carland
The Embarrassment Show , workshoped and curated by Erik Kessels